Declaration of Variables in C

Specifiying the name and data type of variable is called declaration of variable. The syntax to declare a variable in C is; data type  name; Where data type specifies the type of variable. Name specifies the name of variable. Forexample: Int num; The statement declares data type of integer and name of variable is num. … Continue reading Declaration of Variables in C



#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> main(){ int age; clrscr(); printf("Enter Your Age"); scanf("%d",&age); printf("Your age in Days= %d",age*365); getch(); } Video Tutorial Is Here

Floating Point Data Types.

This data type allows a variable to store numbers with decimal (Points) This group includes float and double. Name:                                                 Width In Bits: double                 … Continue reading Floating Point Data Types.


 The first character of a variable name may be on Alphabetic character. The first character of variable name can not be digit. Special characters such as Arithmetic operator (#,*,+ &) can not be used in a variable name. Reserved C words can't be used as variable name.  (printf, scanf etc). The maximum length of a … Continue reading RULES FOR WRITING NAMES OF VARIABLES.

C Character Data Types.

This data type allows a variable to store only one character. Storage size of Char type is 1 byte. Char keyword is used to refer character data type. Forexample: 'A' can be stored using char data type.  

C Integer Data Types.

This Datatype allows a variable to numeric values. C Defines three integer types; Short , Integer , Long. Name                                                   Width Long:                   … Continue reading C Integer Data Types.

C Constant.

Constant: A Constant is a quantity that does not change during the execution of a program. This quantity can be stored at a location in memory of the Computer. Forexample:   3x+y=20 Since 3 and 20 can not change they are called constant.

C Program That Displays Mathematical Table Of Input Number

This is actually a basic program can be made with for loop, But it depends on the mind of programmer he can made with different methods. I have included the video Tutorial at the last of  this post so you can understand very well. First of all we must include the header files without these … Continue reading C Program That Displays Mathematical Table Of Input Number

Computer Programming Languages and Types

Computer Programming Language: The Computer instructions are written according to specific rules,these rules are called Computer Programming Language. Types: There are two types of Programming Languages. Low Level       2. High Level 1. Low Level Language: It directly interact with the hardware. it is of  two types. i. Binary/ Machine Language: it is … Continue reading Computer Programming Languages and Types

Variables in C

Variables are simply names used to refer to some location in memory – a location that holds a value with which we are working. It may help to think of variables as a placeholder for a value. You can think of a variable as being equivalent to its assigned value. Example: Int a; Here int … Continue reading Variables in C